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How does it work?

We offer an affordable community for digital freelancers in old country-side mansions with stunning nature and less than an hours drive from Copenhagen in a shared car.  We buy and renovate the country-side farms and turn it into  a co-living space for a like-minded community of freelancers, companies, students or seniors

1. Sign up to one of our target farmes for sale. We buy the farm once we have filled the rental spots.  

2. We finance the purchase and renovation, but you're invited to participate financially or to assist with the refurbishing process. 

3. You rent a room in the farm once the renovation is done. You pay 1 month in deposit and 2 month of rent in advance. 

4. We build new cool stuff together. Get ready to launch something cool!

Apply now to move in!

We are selecting the chosen candidates in the end of the August. Chosen candidates are going to receive a personal mail with invitation to a Skype interview.

Meet the founder 

Ferdinand Kjærulff
Founder and CEO of

Ferdinand has a passion to invest time and money in startups. His variety of skills brought him numerous career highlights. 

He is CEO of GrowthBond and 6 other companies focused on online marketing and managing huge numbers of freelancers Worldwide for more than 15 years. People also might know him as someone who will never be bored by having a new ideas.

Choose your  New Home

Check out our target locations we are in the process of buying when enough freelancers have signed up 

See the home

Learn More About GrowthBond

GrowthBond, a danish startup, based in Copenhagen, currently runned by 6 employees , is an online crowdsourcing marketplace for freelance services founded 1st September 2018 by the Dane Ferdinand Kjærulff. GrowthBond provides job portal for freelancers along with the online education and help in form of live educational webinars and online academy. The company is conducting it's projects as The United Nations individual contractor. The main goal of GrowthBond as an UN contractor is to provide aspiring and existing freelancers the access to knowledge and all necessary tools to prepare them for current labour market, ensure employment and decent jobs while inspiring them to lifelong learning. This project goal is focused on countries in Africa : Palestine, Kenya and Gambia. More than that, GrowthBond also provides funding for a businesses to buy a freelance services and can repay as they grow.

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This what the homes looks like when you move in

This will be your new home where you and your team are going to work and live together.. 

10 person mansion less than an hours drive from Copenhagen

10 person mansion less than an hours drive from Copenhagen

See the home

Never worry about paying rent 

Live with like-minded freelancers 

Enjoy Nature Together 

You can choose between paying a fixed monthly rent or pay in freelance hours. 

Join a community of 8-10 like minded freelancers to help and assist you with your online work

Enjoy nature while being less than 1 hours drive from the city with a shared car 


A new way of living 

Live & Work As a Freelancer From a Country Side Mansion

Live & Work From One Place

pay 3.000 dkr/month in rent or pay with freelance hours 

Why pay high taxes, high rent and high cost of living just to be stuck in traffic commuting to and from an office? 

Pay 3.000 dkr/month in rent or pay with freelance hours to get free accomendation