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Hey Rehan, we have created with CodersTrust the largest on-demand workforce in Bangladesh. Most of our students earn...

Опубликовано Rehan Allahwala 13 декабря 2017 г.

We’re building an automated system for SME’s to apply with their Facebook advertising account, get funding disbursed based on performance of campaigns, and collect repayments from the payment gateway. 

We target the 80M small business that has a facebook page, but lack the access to finance and skills in order to reach the 2B users. We seek to create an online business environment and finance solution for the new digital economy that can be rolled out anywhere. 

We are making it easy and completely paperless to apply for funding, make hiring/firing of skills as easy as buying books online, and automate all business financials, receipts, and bookkeeping into a single system. 

Small businesses can apply for funding by connecting their Facebookok advertising and payment account that allow us to evaluate existing marketing performance, revenue, and monitor that the campaigns remain positive for the funding to be gradually disbursed. 

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GrowthBond provides provides business loans for facebook marketing.

We removed THE BIGGEST obstacle to grow SME'S with a structured financial instument for facebook advertising.

The marketing campaings are managed by certified experts with a proven track-record. 

Managed by certified experts

We access unique facebook advertising and sales data as the foundation for selecting SME's to onboard.

Just the secure campaigns

Get access to investment opportunities that would never otherwise be available online.

Get behind the companies

Welcome to the future of finance. 

Universal access to capital.

Fast process

Companies link their facebook advertising account online to get an automatic financial review. This lets us evaluate your business without requiring them to track down financial statements.

   Free to apply

Apply free. There’s no cost until companies use their funds for advertising campaigns.

Help from experts

Our team of experts is here to help during the process of making the most of your freelance career.
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